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8. 四月 2012

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iad js 开始教程

8. 四月 2012
首先请大家注意:   When you download and install the iAd JS Developer SDK, you are presented with a license agreement as part of the installer (look for the Software License Agreement step). I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the text of that agreement here, but read section 2.1 carefully. It explicitly states that iAd JS is only for use in crafting rich media ads for the iAd platform, and that you are not allowed to use or distribute the framework for any other purpose. This seems to indicate that, for now, you can only use this for designing iAds. 言下之意 iad js是用来设计iad广告的,不是用来投放广告的,坑爹啊   (iad producer下载地址)   (iad js制作出来的广告示例和一个简单示例教程)   (iad js 开始教程)     介绍: